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Below is information about all the headstones and other memorials in Bywell St Peter's graveyard. Click on each link to download a pdf. Please download the document Notes on Headstones before reading the logs themselves. This describes how the logs are set out and explains some of the limitations of the survey. You will need the Graveyard plan to locate the plots.

Headstone log Sections A-D is the master document from which the other logs have been derived. Therefore the surnames log only contains those headstones which show surnames, the year of death log only contains those headstones which show the year of death, etc. The information was mostly gathered during the winter and spring of 2020 so the restrictions on movement came into force before the survey was fully complete. However, because people may enjoy looking at the information precisely during such a time, we are publishing it now (May 2020).

Notes on headstones

Graveyard plan

Headstone log Sections A-D

Headstone log by surname 

Headstone log by year of death

Headstone log by place of death

Headstone log by residence

Bywell St Peter's location map